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WK Design 8M wireless headphones WK Design 8M wireless headphones
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Comfortable wireless headphones will let you talk for hours and assure great fun without limits! WK Design presents a modern user-friendly and comfortable gadget. Earpads on these headphones are made of a soft foam which guarantees perfect ear fit and directing sounds where they are intended to. No ..
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Remax gaming Bluetooth RB750HB Wireless Headset Remax gaming Bluetooth RB750HB Wireless Headset
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Best headset for a gamer? Remax knows that gamers’ expectations are high and therefore offers reliable wireless headphones. This is a modern product which best fits ears and thanks to soft earpads does not cause discomfort or fatigue. They are suitable for almost all devices equipped with Bluetooth,..
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Sport headphones ER1 Sport headphones ER1
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They do not require a cable connection, which greatly improves their use.They connect to any Bluetooth device.The battery must be fully charged before using the headset for the first time.The built-in microphone allows you to make or manage instant messages that allow for voice calls.Easy control vi..
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Wireless headsets Titanium 5in1 Wireless headsets Titanium 5in1
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Tired of long cables and tripping on cables around the house? Do you need a suitable headset without additional cables and which could also be at night may look good movie, and while the volume would not disturb others who are sleeping? Here are wireless headsets Wireless Hi-Fi Headphone Intex 5in1 ..
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