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Delivery Information

1. We undertake to deliver the goods or services at the agreed time. The deadline for delivery of the ordered products is 2-8 days from the date of receipt of the order. Delivery costs are charged according to the GLS pricelist and are covered by the customer or buyer. 

Product ordering is also possible via email

 2. Delivery of products is also carried out through the delivery service of GLS Slovenia.
Delivery of ordered products in our online store is done as soon as possible and depends on the availability of products. We will deliver the products to the address you provided when registering or We recommend that you include the address you are in the morning. For this reason, we recommend that you write a mobile number on which you are available in the morning, as the courier will be able to call you and arrange with you about the delivery method.
 In the event that you do not want to deliver the product to your address, you can also select one of the units of Shop units on the GLS Slovenia web site where you can pick up the package yourself (postal). All you need to write in the data delivery box is your first and last name, and the address of the selected Parcel Shop unit.
 The package can be paid at GLS courier at delivery with cash or credit / debit card. In case you pay your goods with the card, you will be charged a bank commission fee of 1.43% of the amount of the ransom for which the GLS courier will issue your account.
In the event of an unsuccessful attempt to deliver, the GLS courier will leave a message about the arrived mail. The message contains the package number and telephone number of the GLS delivery service (01 500 11 90) and their e-mail address ( You can contact the above mentioned Contact Information and order the delivery of the package again to your address, or arrange for the package to be delivered to another address (where you will be available at the time of delivery).

If you wish, you can also arrange with GLS to deliver the package to you nearest Parcel Shop (batch TRADE) Where you can pick up the package yourself when submitting a batch number and a personal document.

Price list of packages
Price list of packages in the territory of Slovenia:
Package weight - Price in EUR
Package up to 2kg 4,70 €
Package up to 5kg 7,50 €

EU Delivery Price List:
Weight area             SLO          Neighboring Europe      Central Europe       Near Europe      Distant Europe
Package up to       2kg 4,70 €              11,00 €                        17,00 €                          20,00 €                30,00 €
Package up to       5kg 8,50 €              18,00 €                        29,00 €                          35,00 €                55,00 €

"Neighbor" Europe
Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, Croatia

"Central" Europe
Germany, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg

"Middle" Europe
Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria

"Far" Europe
Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

All listed prices include VAT.

Starting on 1.4.2019, the GLS partner, PETROL, will start charging a package service to the buyer (0.45 €) and the ransom processing service (€ 1.05) to all recipients of GLS packages in all its branches. For delivery of the package without ransom, the consumer will pay 0,45 € and for the delivery of the package with ransom, 1,50 €. The amount applies to each individual served package.

In order to refund at least part or a bit more of this additional amount to the buyer who will take over the PETROL petrol service package, we have prepared credits worth € 1.00 in the form of discount codes for sending packages for each package they will take on PETROL. The discount code is GLS package number. The consumer enters it into the GLS online store: The code is valid for one order within one month.