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Lighter "Formula Crocodile Power"Features:turbo flamehousing metal..
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Gentelo gift set Gentelo gift set
-33 %
The Gentelo gift set contains a cigarette lighter, a pocket knife and an LED flashlight...
17.99€ 26.99€
Ex Tax:14.75€
Lighter Don Marco Gold Turbo Lighter Don Marco Gold Turbo
-23 %
Lighter Don Marco Gold Turbo with Turbo Fire. It has a multi-filling valve, and the flame height adjustment. Packed in a gift box.Features:Length: 6.5 cmWidth: 3.5 cm..
9.99€ 12.99€
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Zorr Benito Metal Lighter, Flame.Fillable.Features:Color: red, blue, gray, blackLength: 75 mmWidth: 22 mmHeight: 11 mmWeight: 49 g..
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Let us introduce you: the ZORR King USB lighter of the well-known brand ZORR!Ideal for use as a gift.Noble USB lighter with USB charging cable for charging, in colors: white and black, individually packaged.More:83 x 19 x 10 mm..
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Lighter Formula ARC Lighter Formula ARC
Hot -13 %
With the Formula Arc Plasma USB lighter, you get a lighter that does not run on gas, but on electricity. The lighter works by opening it and pressing the button creates an electric current that acts like a flame. The German ZORR specializes in the design and manufacture of beautiful and functional l..
19.99€ 22.99€
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Lighter Silver Match ARC Sensor Lighter Silver Match ARC Sensor
Hot -38 %
SILVER MATCH, electric lighter defies wind, rain, storm,... Ideal for outdoor activities, for multiple users, suitable for cigarettes, candles, gas stove, camping... Practical for travel and allowed to take on the plane. A completely innovative electric ignition system: the ARC system. For quick and..
24.99€ 39.99€
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Lighter Formula ARC Cosmo Lighter Formula ARC Cosmo
Hot -11 %
With the lighter Formula Arc Cosmo you get a gas-ignited lighter, but not an electricity. The lighter works by opening it, and by pressing the gum, it creates an electric current acting as a flame. German ZORR specializes in the design and production of beautiful and functional lighters. Made with U..
16.99€ 18.99€
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Brand: ZORR
Vžigalnik na bencin Premium ZORR.Lastnosti:Mere : 1.3 x 3.7 x 5.7 cmBarva : Srebrna..
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Brand: ZORR
Vžigalnik Zorr Gold iz kovinskega ohišja,navadni plamen.Možnost polnenja.Lastnosti:Barva: zlataDolžina: 67 mmŠirina: 26 mmVišina: 11 mmTeža: 42 g..
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