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Cigarette holder

Denicotea Automatic cigarette holder
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Denicotea Automatic cigarette lighter with the addition of "automatic extermination mechanism", which allows you to squeeze the cigarette out of the tip after smoking. The front part of the mouthpiece is movable and simply pushed back to remove the cigarette from the top. With the mechanism - the to..
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Ustnik za cigarete Denicotea Ustnik za cigarete Denicotea
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Cigaretni ustnik/držalo Denicotea črna s filtromLastnosit:Dolžina: 9cmMožnost menjave filtrovPremer 8mm..
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Filtri for Denicotea Filtri for Denicotea
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The Denicotea filter uses the purest silicon dioxide to provide an effect, unchanged after filtering. As a filter Silikagel is used, because of its very porous structure removes the bulk of nicotine and tar. When Silicagel becomes saturated it turns white and needs to be replaced. Original only with..
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