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Cigarette box Gentelo Focus Cigarette box Gentelo Focus
-24 %
Material: stainless steel, plastic.Size: 9.5 x 6.5 x 2 cm.Contains 10 regular cigarettes (only 8.5 cm long)...
12.99€ 16.99€
Ex Tax:10.65€
Cigarette box FOCUS YH-007 Cigarette box FOCUS YH-007
-25 %
Very well designed cigarette case · Size: about 9.6 x 6.8 x 2 CM (for regular 84mm long cigarettes) · Can be refilled with reusable gas. It does not contain butane for shipping safety. · It is very light and can hold up to 8 cigarettes. · Protects your cigarettes and keeps them fresher for longer.A ..
14.99€ 19.99€
Ex Tax:12.29€
Mouthpiece for slimline cigarettes Denicotea NICE 6mm Mouthpiece for slimline cigarettes Denicotea NICE 6mm
Hot -18 %
In the NICE design, warm tones are combined with gold details and a high-gloss mouthpiece with a built-in "d" denicote. Thanks to the socket and the thin filter (6 mm), the tips are particularly gentle and light...
17.99€ 21.99€
Ex Tax:14.75€
Denicotea Filter Slimline 6mm
-13 %
Silica gel with its highly porous structure greatly reduces the amount of tar and nicotine from tobacco smoke. By changing the color from clear white to dark brown, the effect is clearly visible and indicates when the filter needs to be replaced...
5.49€ 6.29€
Ex Tax:4.50€
Ashtray ZORR 49084/85 Ashtray ZORR 49084/85
Out Of Stock
Centrifugal ashtray ZORR 49084/85 diameter 11 cm...
Ex Tax:8.19€
Ashtray ZORR Exclusive Ashtray ZORR Exclusive
Out Of Stock
Centrifugal ashtrayChic and practical ashtraymetal blue / chromeDiameter 13cm..
Ex Tax:9.83€
Lighter "Formula Crocodile Power"Features:turbo flamehousing metal..
Ex Tax:9.83€
Gentelo gift set Gentelo gift set
-33 %
The Gentelo gift set contains a cigarette lighter, a pocket knife and an LED flashlight...
17.99€ 26.99€
Ex Tax:14.75€
Humidor Don Marco 1-8107 Humidor Don Marco 1-8107
-14 % Out Of Stock
Indispensable for every regular cigar smoker. It provides adequate protection of the tobacco against drying out. The interior is made of wood. Additional shelf for storing cigars in two levels. The elegant and thick glass makes it possible to observe the interior without opening the humidor. Equippe..
179.99€ 209.99€
Ex Tax:147.54€
Humidor Carbon Humidor Carbon
-13 %
One of the most beautiful humidors with a capacity of 25 cigars. Needless to say, the shiny carbon finish makes its aesthetic very sophisticated. It also has an anti-static coating.Features:from wood and MDFcarbon exterior (glossy)contains an analog hygrometercontains a humidifierCigar capacity: 30 ..
99.99€ 114.99€
Ex Tax:81.96€
Ashtray with spring mechanism 11 cm in diameter with chrome look and black matt color coating. When you press the black handle, the ash and cinders are hidden inside without the need to open the ashtray, thus preventing the spread of unpleasant odors from the ashtray itself...
Ex Tax:6.55€
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