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The consumer can claim the warranty for products for which a mandatory guarantee is required by the Rules on goods for which a guarantee for faultless operation is issued (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 73/03). Of course it is possible that the guarantee is also offered voluntarily for additional products or services.

During the warranty period, the consumer may require the guarantor to:

  • Free troubleshooting
  • If the cancellation of the error is not possible within a total deadline of 45 days, the consumer may request a replacement for a new free product

What should be the seller's attention to when exercising rights arising from the guarantee and actual mistake by the consumer:

  • The vendor must be notified of the error within the stated deadlines (a written notification by the consumer is required), if you have only an oral notice, it will be very difficult for the consumer to prove it
  • The consumer must enclose the original invoice and the garage declaration
  • In a written notification, the consumer must accurately describe the error
  • The device must be against the original packaging, and if it is a miscellaneous machine as an aid for smokers, it must be cleaned; otherwise, a cleaning cost of 15 € will be charged
  • The seller must be given the opportunity to review the item and evaluate the potential defect
  • The consumer must indicate the requirement of what he wants to execute
  • The seller must urgently respond to the consumer within 8 days - so if you comply with the request, as well as in the event that you disagree with claiming an error or warranty

Until the expiration of a period of 8 days from the consumer's written claim, there is no violation, so the consumer can not claim rights through TIRS or the court.