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Car holder Baseus Telescopic Magnetic Car holder Baseus Telescopic Magnetic
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Baseus Solid is a magnetic car mount with long, telescopic arm. Made of premium quality materials (ABS + aluminum) accessory that could be attached either to dashboard or windshield. It has the strong suction cup, built-in 6 permanent powerful magnets and many adjustable options (including 360-degre..
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Baseus SUDZ-01 Car Holder Baseus SUDZ-01 Car Holder
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Baseus Mouth:Phone car bracket - Dashboard clipFixing above instruments displaying - It can never block your viewing angle to guarantee safer driving.Durable and reliable – Made of high-quality ABS with hard PC and impact resistant silicone.Triangular fixing – Stable as a mountain even if the road i..
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Baseus Knight metal mobile phone carrier Baseus Knight metal mobile phone carrier
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Baseus Knight metal motorcycle carrier for the bike is a powerful bike and motorcycle carrier designed to be easily mounted on the handlebars. Made of high quality, durable aluminum material, suitable for installations with a width of 67 mm to 80 mm. It has an adjustable bracket that allows you to s..
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VR BOX 3D Virtual Glasses with Remote VR BOX 3D Virtual Glasses with Remote
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Virtual realityEnjoy movies or games with 3D Esperanto glasses that allow you to watch 3D movies and play games in virtual reality. Just download VR-tagged games and movies from the app store (APP Store or the Google Play Store) to your smartphone and let your glasses take you to the virtual world o..
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Universal Car Holder for tablet Blow US-28 Universal Car Holder for tablet Blow US-28
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Flexible holder that rotates 360 degrees so that it can be adjusted as a tablet. It can also tilt back and forth. The table can be adjusted to portrait or landscape position.Suitable for all types of tablet (iPad, Samsung…). Installation is lightweight and is compatible with almost all car pillows. ..
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Universal car charger REMAX Alien 4.2A Universal car charger REMAX Alien 4.2A
-23 %
Remax Aliens is universal car charger with 3 USB ports. Modern design, travel-friendly and over-heated, over-current and over-charging protection. Aliens can charge 3 devices simultaneously and uses smar tcharging technology to do it as quickly as possible. Compatible with both Apple and Android dev..
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Stylus pen for tablet M-LIFE
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A useful pen for a mobile phone or tablet can also be a nice decoration. The pen is made by simply inserting it into the headphone hole and always at hand. It works on all phones and tablets...
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Samsung's original home charger can be used for phones and devices of all brands that have a MicroUSB-type input. The charging voltage of the charger is 5V - 2A, which means that the phone is charging very fast. Fast charging will occur especially when you are in a hurry.The product is original and ..
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Phone holder plastic circles Phone holder plastic circles
Hot -53 %
Phone holder plastic circles are small plastic circles that are attached to the flat surfaces of the phone (or case) with adhesive reusable glue. They consist of three parts: a decorative disc, a flexible accordion rod and a round base that sticks to your phone...
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Phone holder Osculum Gravity Baseus Phone holder Osculum Gravity Baseus
Hot -35 %
The Gravity Baseus phone holder is an innovative carrier for cars with automatic alignment and a special design of a triangle that is stable as a mountain. It is made of premium quality materials (PC + aluminum), dashboard holders with large adjustable options (360 degree rotation) and a useful cuto..
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Phone holder Baseus SUYL-WL01 Phone holder Baseus SUYL-WL01
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The baseus SUYL-WL01 is easy to use without the necessary adjustment. Thanks to the car's ventilator, the holder is always ready for disposal and ready for use.The special shape of the triangle allows for stable stability.It is made of high quality aluminum alloy with an elegant curved tempered glas..
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High quality micro USB cable. It works with micro USB smartphones and tablets. Be sure to charge the battery securely and transfer data between devices. It is made of durable and quality material. Slim plug allows you to use the cable, even if you have a casing on your phone.Allows you to charge and..
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