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Lighter Don Marco Gold Turbo Lighter Don Marco Gold Turbo
-28 %
Lighter Don Marco Gold Turbo with Turbo Fire. It has a multi-filling valve, and the flame height adjustment. Packed in a gift box.Features:Length: 6.5 cmWidth: 3.5 cm..
12.99€ 17.99€
Ex Tax:10.65€
Cigarette with Gentelo 6-0439 lighters Cigarette with Gentelo 6-0439 lighters
-22 %
A cigarette of elegant appearance, suitable for 20 cigarettes with the supplied USB lighter.It's perfect gift idea.Integrated cigarette for cigarettes with a refill that can be recharged with conventional butane gas.In the cigarette case, it is insert up to 20 conventional cigarettes.Note: For secur..
17.99€ 22.99€
Ex Tax:14.75€
Zorr Benito Metal Lighter, Flame.Fillable.Features:Color: red, blue, gray, blackLength: 75 mmWidth: 22 mmHeight: 11 mmWeight: 49 g..
Ex Tax:6.55€
Lighter USB Zorr King Lighter USB Zorr King
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Let us introduce you: the ZORR King USB lighter of the well-known brand ZORR!Ideal for use as a gift.Noble USB lighter with USB charging cable for charging, in colors: white and black, individually packaged.More:83 x 19 x 10 mm..
Ex Tax:9.83€
Lighter Formula ARC Lighter Formula ARC
Hot -13 %
With the Formula Arc Plasma USB lighter, you get a lighter that does not run on gas, but on electricity. The lighter works by opening it and pressing the button creates an electric current that acts like a flame. The German ZORR specializes in the design and manufacture of beautiful and functional l..
19.99€ 22.99€
Ex Tax:16.39€
Formula Double arc lighter Formula Double arc lighter
-22 %
Impressive next generation technology with a built-in rechargeable battery, simply connect to a USB reconnection connection to approx. 80 Ignitions.Features:Battery capacity: 220mAhColor: silver, blue, blackBrand: FormulaMaterial: metalDimensions: 77 x 28 x 11mmWeight (Gram): 80..
13.99€ 17.99€
Ex Tax:11.47€
Lighter Silver Match ARC and TOUCH Lighter Silver Match ARC and TOUCH
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SILVERMATCH, electric lighter withstands wind, rain, storm, ... Ideal for outdoor activities, multi-user, suitable for cigarettes, candles, gas stove, camping ... Practical for travel and permitted on airplanes. Completely innovative electric ignition system: ARC system. For fast and efficient illum..
22.00€ 39.99€
Ex Tax:18.03€
Lighter Formula ARC Cosmo Lighter Formula ARC Cosmo
Hot -11 %
With the lighter Formula Arc Cosmo you get a gas-ignited lighter, but not an electricity. The lighter works by opening it, and by pressing the gum, it creates an electric current acting as a flame. German ZORR specializes in the design and production of beautiful and functional lighters. Made with U..
16.99€ 18.99€
Ex Tax:13.93€
Brand: ZORR
Vžigalnik na bencin Premium ZORR.Lastnosti:Mere : 1.3 x 3.7 x 5.7 cmBarva : Srebrna..
Ex Tax:8.19€
Brand: ZORR
Vžigalnik Zorr Gold iz kovinskega ohišja,navadni plamen.Možnost polnenja.Lastnosti:Barva: zlataDolžina: 67 mmŠirina: 26 mmVišina: 11 mmTeža: 42 g..
Ex Tax:4.09€
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